Best Hair Products

A woman's hair is her crowning glory—or at least momma said so, and we believe her.

The South is home to some of the most iconic hairstyles of the century including: Missouri-native, Jean Harlow’s bottle-blonde locks which gave birth to the term “platinum blond” in the thirties, Florida’s Faye Dunaway and her ‘60’s sleek bob, and the hit tv show, Nashville star Connie Britton’s enviable strawberry blonde waves, to name only a few. We didn’t get all this great hair PR without the aid of stellar products, so we’re taking the wisdom of those who came before us and giving it a new spin. Instead of Mama’s second-day-hair remedy of sprinkling baby powder into her part, we’ve upgraded to oil-absorbing dry shampoo. We’re no longer relying on hairspray alone to get maximum volume, and looking to the capital of big hair—Texas—for volume spray that’s made right here at home. We’ve also uncovered some products that incorporate some of the South’s favorite flowers, like Klorane’s Magnolia-infused shampoo. Here are our picks that we think will help us keep making hair history.


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