50 Elements of Southern Style

Welcome to the South, where a dress is standard grocery-store attire and pink lipstick is always in order. Here are 50 things we can’t live without.

Rightly described by some people as a feeling as much as a place, these are the elements of Southern style. From monograms and signature scents to bow ties and team colors, here are ways to be Southern, with style. Gingham, seersucker, linen, and eyelet may seem like simple fabrics, but think of them as Southern silk. Well suited to the climate, lightweight, and stylish, outfits made from and with these four fabrics fill many a Southern wardrobe. Also quintessentially Southern are team colors—wear yours with pride—boots, and tailored dresses. However you dress it up, these elements of Southern style show just how elegant and refined the South can be.


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