Classic Lipstick Shades Southern Women Will Never Part With

Warning: This might trigger an emergency lipstick run.

Every Southern woman knows that a signature lipstick shade is about more than just finding your perfect color. It’s about finding confidence in a tube, moxie in a swipe. While Southern ladies often feel limited to labeling just a single lip shade as their signature color, we think it’s completely acceptable, if not totally necessary, to have a few shades that work for any and every occasion. A power red for holiday parties and fancy affairs, a creamy nude for weekday coffee dates, a bold pink or berry for nights out with the girls, and a sheer rose for faking a natural flush even on your dreariest day. Each shade has a personality and power of its own. For that reason, some classic lipsticks have made their mark throughout the years as the most reliable and most likely to be found at the bottom of any Southern woman’s pocketbook. From the audacious Revlon “Fire & Ice” to the subtle Clinique “Black Honey,” you’ll run into some longtime friends, and perhaps some you’ve not yet been introduced to, in this definitive list of lipstick shades Southern women will never retire from their beauty arsenal.


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