How to Winterize Your Skin in the South

These five affordable products will save your face from our unique elements.

In New England, they have their harsh winter winds, gentle as a brillo pad to your cheeks. On the West Coast, the land of perpetual light jacket weather, December is synonymous with damp, some might even say bone-chilling. While the rest of the country may think it’s all palm tree wishes and sunshine dreams down here, the South also has a unique blend of winter issues, the main one being humidity and dryness occurring all at once in days that turn from 60 degrees to freezing in a few hours. As you can imagine, picking an outfit that lasts through an entire day is a fool’s errand, but that’s for another conversation. Today, we’re here to talk about your face.

Is it simultaneously dry yet oily? Have you cursed to the heavens in front of the mirror at least six times this month? You likely suffer from what Assistant Editor Katherine Owen has dubbed, Southern Winter Combo Skin. But help is here. We’ve found the perfect skincare regimen that will last you through camellia season until, when as sure as the azaleas bloom, we will start complaining about the heat.


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