The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

You're going for the bob, but have you picked your bangs?

Thinking about chopping off your hair? Want to get a bob? There are a few things to consider before you actually go into the salon. First, what cut is right for your face shape? Second, are you going to incorporate bangs? If yes, take these tips into consideration when deciding what type of bangs would work best for you. We chatted with Holly Dear, co-owner of the Dallas salon Dear Clark, to share her expert tips for getting the perfect cut. Bangs can make or break your new look. You’ve seen it happen to loved-ones before: they come out of the salon looking worse than when they went in. It is often because they’re looking for something that just isn’t right for them. Your face shape, hair type, and routine are all things to keep in mind. Think you’re ready for the chop? Be sure your not making one of these mistakes before getting your hair cut short. You’ll be ready fun, flirty, and ready for the summer heat.


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