Best Makeup Products

Makeup isn’t what it used to be—and, trust us, that’s a great thing.

Over the years, makeup has evolved alongside the modern gal. It has become healthier, more natural looking, is delivered to us in a way that fits our lifestyles, and is available with more options than ever before. We’ve tried the latest and greatest, finding that some products don’t live up to their hype, while there are others that prove the real deal. One favorite brand, Stowaway cosmetics, recognized how much product is being wasted and found a solution. Instead of having to buy a full-sized tube of lipstick in a special-occasion color, the brand offers mini sizes that can easily be used before their expiration dates. Another novel idea that caught our eye is Revlon’s eyes + cheeks + lips palette that puts all the color you need in one convenient compact. Say goodbye to being weighed down by beauty products. We’re also patting Beautycounter cosmetics on the back for introducing healthier options into the beauty world that are free of harsh chemicals. Whatever your beauty preference, we think you’ll find a new favorite in our roundup.


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