The 5 Serving Pieces Every Southern Hostess Needs

You’ll never be caught unprepared with these tools in your entertaining arsenal.

The first time I invited friends over to my first apartment for wine and cheese, I felt very grown up. I’d carefully selected a few bottles of wine, picked out a nice sampling of cheeses, and grabbed a couple sleeves of crackers that paired well with them. But the moment I went to arrange them nicely on a cheese board was the moment I realized that I was hardly a grown up: I didn’t have a cheese board on which to arrange my thoughtful selections. Thankfully, my friends were gracious guests, and nobody minded that the cheese was served on a beat-up cutting board and that the crackers were in a cereal bowl. But it was certainly a memorable lesson in entertaining. When it comes to presentation, a hostess is only as good as the tools she has at her disposal. Here, the five serving pieces every hostess needs in her entertaining arsenal.


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