Presidential China Fit for Kings, Queens, and the First Families

The legacy of each administration's time in the White House lives on in many ways, including the dinner table.

Every four to eight years we seat a new President and a new temporary tenant of the White House. No matter who inhabits this home, it belongs to the citizens of the United States of America and is a living history of our country. And no matter what family lives inside, they’re living with the special legacies of each administration that came before them. Once such legacy is years’ worth of official White House china. Former and current sets of the Presidential china are put to use in the many state dinners, luncheons, brunches, and teas held throughout the year at The White House. Former First Lady Laura Bush summed it up well with this witty quote, “One certainty for all new First Families is that they will be dining on someone else’s dishes.” Admire these pieces, showcased in The Official White House China: From the 18th to the 21st Centuries book, which is in its third edition and has been expanded to include Presidential china patterns from George Washington to Barack Obama.


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