Our Most Delicious Pink Cocktails

Drink pink.

Whether you’re porch sitting, sunset watching, cookout throwing, luncheon going, or beach relaxing, there are plenty of times that a refreshing cocktail fits right in during summertime. Summer cocktails should be able to cool you off and showcase the season’s fresh produce. Some of our favorite summer fruits like watermelons, strawberries, and raspberries not only make delicious drinks, but pretty ones too. These pink cocktails will wow at any table, and you’ll love the way they taste, too. Whether you’re hosting a shower or luncheon that needs an elegant sipper or you’re looking for a big-batch beer cocktail to serve at a backyard barbecue, why not go pink? These cocktails are bold, fun, and perfect for a summer photo opp. Whether you opt for a pink vodka drink, pink wine drink, or even a pink whiskey drink, these recipes are sure to be the hit of summer.


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