Our Favorite Slow-Cooker Cocktails

For easy cocktails, pull out your slow-cooker and warm up this fall with a nice apple cider.

When temperatures start to fall, a warm drink starts to sound mighty fine. We know that slow-cookers are in heavy rotation this time of year, but try taking it for a spin with hot drinks. Easy, big batch cocktails are a boon to any host or hostess, but be the host with the most when you offer a hot beverage to guests. Slow cooker cocktails are a no-brainer; they stay warm, can be ladled out individually, and nothing is more convivial than a hot cup of cider with friends-unless, of course, it’s spiked cider. We’ve picked some of our favorite cocktails that are normally made on the stove, but can be easily adapted to integrate your slow-cooker. This handy tool is both a vessel for cooking and for keeping the drinks warm; we think that slow-cooker cocktails are our new go-to cold weather party trick. A lot of these easy cocktail recipes aren’t really cocktail recipes, but add a bit of bourbon here, a splash of rum there, and you’re in business. The great thing about easy slow cooker cocktails is that you can make them non-alcoholic and stir booze in when desired—meaning little hands can have something warm to sip on, too.


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