How To Choose The Best Bourbon For Your Mint Julep

Don't ruin a good cocktail with the wrong bourbon.

Southerners are known for our devotion to the syrupy, sweet, golden-brown drink called bourbon. And to prove our affection, we’ve even created more than just a few cocktails featuring our favorite liquor. But when May rolls around, and it’s time to tune into the events at Churchill Downs, only one mixed bourbon drink reigns king: the mint julep. Crafted with crushed ice, muddled mint, and sugar, then served in elegant silver julep vessels, this cocktail deserves just the right bourbon. But with so many good options, how do you pick? Most of the decision-making should be left to your tastebuds, but we do have a few tips for helping choose.

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If you really want to test your bourbon skils, set up a taste-test and go head-to-head against our favorite Southern grandparents as they try to pick-out the expensive bourbon.


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