9x13 Classics That You'll See At Every Southern Family Reunion

It’s just not a true Southern shindig without these creamy, cheesy creations.

Nothing brings a Southern family together quite like a delicious spread of food, and Southern family reunions take that truth to a whole new level. These homecomings are all about getting together and celebrating our kinfolk with an impressive lineup of creamy casseroles, cheesy pasta bakes, and rich desserts. (And plenty of ice-cold sweet tea.) These classic Southern dishes help make for a great time with those we love, reminiscing on past memories and making new ones. Southerners’ gift for cooking comfort food for the masses is never more evident than at these family affairs, where tables buckle and groan under the weight of our creamy and cheesy concoctions. Family reunion food is all about tradition, whether it’s Nana's famous cobbler, or Uncle Walter's lime jello salad that always manages to make an appearance. Instead of breaking bread, we’re breaking out the covered dishes—but for us, that’s the same thing. Here are the classic 9x13 casserole recipes you’ll always catch at a Southern family reunion.


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