Easy Dinner Recipes Using Shredded Chicken That'll Make Your Weeknights Way Less Stressful

Pro Tip: Never leave the grocery store without an emergency rotisserie.

When turning out a warm and delicious weeknight dinner just seems like a lost cause, it’s time to get creative. Keeping shredded chicken on hand—whether pulled from a store-bought rotisserie chicken or picked up from your local barbecue joint—is a saving grace when getting dinner on the table needs to be quick and easy. Shredded chicken recipes go well beyond just slow-cooker tacos too, with tasty options including creamy pasta bakes, classic comfort dishes, hearty stews, and Tex-Mex casseroles. (Though, we’ve made sure to include slow-cooker recipes you can throw together and forget about on busy weeknights spent running between piano and soccer.) We all need a secret weapon in the kitchen when time is short, but the hunger is real. Grab that Costco rotisserie chicken, and plan out your no-fuss menu starring these recipes using shredded chicken.


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