20 One-Pot Meals for Rice Lovers

One-pot dinner? Yes, please!

Rice is a staple in Southern kitchens because it’s easy to cook, quick to make, and extremely versatile. There are so many varieties of rice, so your dinner can take any flavorful direction. Whether you want Asian-inspired shrimp fried rice, Southwest chicken and rice bowls, creole seafood jambalaya, or Southern chicken bog, rice can transport your meal to any region. These recipes include delicious rice bakes, casseroles, and jambalaya dishes that will satisfy everyone at your table. And did we mention that all of these rice dishes are one-pot meals, which are best way for weeknight dinners, especially if you’re the one cleaning up afterward. Quick rice recipes like these are the easiest way to get dinner on the table. Since you already have a box of rice sitting in your pantry, put it to use with these rice recipes for dinner. No need for takeout—the easiest dinner options are here.


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