Parchment Packet Recipes That Make Weeknight Dinners a Breeze

Turns out, cooking en papillote is way easier done than said!

At first mention, en papillote just sounds like it would be anything but simple. If we can’t say it, we figure we can’t cook it. Not to mention, we are loyal customers of the one-pot dinner and the sheet-pan supper to get us from our busy weekday to the dinner table without too much fuss. They’re easy on the prep time, quick on the cleanup, and full of flavor. If you, like us, find those qualities appealing (or necessary), you might need to whip out your parchment paper tonight. Because it turns out that baking dinner in parchment—as they say in France: en papillote—is more than perfect for quick weeknight dinners that work whether you’re cooking for one or for a crowd. This dinner-in-a-bag cooking style keeps proteins incredibly moist through its steaming process and allows herbs, citrus juices, and savory sauces to really soak into the ingredients. You just wrap the ingredients up in a pretty pouch and let them bake until it puffs up! Chicken, seafood, and shellfish work amazingly for parchment packs, and we always recommend throwing tons of fresh vegetables and seasonings to make it a hearty meal. As if it couldn’t get any easier, you can even purchase pre-cut parchment paper cooking bags if baking en papillote becomes a weeknight staple. These delicious parchment packet recipes will save you from crazy dinnertime frenzy with filling, good-for-you suppers.


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