Delicious Dinners That Will Save Your Monday Night

Y'all just need 45 minutes.

Monday has a bad reputation– and for good reason. You’re tired after the weekend, moody from sitting at a desk all day, and busy getting set up for the rest of the week. It’s understandable that the last thing you want to do is whip up a 5-star feast that takes hours to prepare. But between movie popcorn and lazy to-go dinner on Sunday, you resolved that you’d cook at home, save money, and eat healthier this week. Don’t succumb to takeout just yet—there’s a way to get a healthy dinner on the table, and fast. Let these 45-minute Monday dinners make your day a little less manic. After a weekend of cheat meals, you want to eat light, but after a long Monday, you want to eat comfort food. Luckily, these Monday night dinner ideas can satisfy both needs. These Monday night dinners won’t just be a treat for you, because with wholesome recipes like quesadillas, easy homemade Bolognese, and pork stir-fry, the kids will be happy, too. Don’t let Monday bully you. Take control of the week with these quick and easy Monday night meals.


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