Five-Ingredient Ground Beef Dishes So Easy They Practically Make Themselves

Seriously—they're that easy.

As much as we love intricately layered gratins and time-intensive roasts, sometimes a quick, five-ingredient dinner sounds just about right. We’re not Julia Child, after all. Pairing a quick-fix recipe with budget-friendly ground beef might not come off glamorous, but it’s simple and easy enough to make us not care a single bit. Because when you have a pound of ground chuck in the fridge and a pantry full of staples, the possibilities are wonderfully endless.

Odds are, you'll also have at least a couple of the five game-changing ingredients used in each of these easy ground beef dishes before even heading to the grocery. We’re talking no-brainer staples like spaghetti noodles, panko breadcrumbs, canned black beans, and hot pepper relish. In case you’re not already sold, check out these deliciously easy dinners with ground beef and just a handful of ingredients.


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