Foil Packet Dinners You Need to Try Tonight

No cleanup? We’re in.

Get dinner on the table in a flash with almost zero cleanup thanks to these nifty foil pack recipe ideas. Start with a protein like chicken or fish. Next, choose a starch. Many of these recipes use potatoes, rice, or even pasta. You’ll want to give the rice and pasta a head start by beginning the cooking process before adding to the foil. Each recipe should have instructions on any precooking necessary. Be sure to add loads of fresh chopped veggies. Bell peppers, onions, and corn seem to be popular choices in this roundup of quick dinner recipes. Finally, finish with a sauce. It can be as simple as a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of flat-leaf parsley, or as company-worthy as a lemon-butter sauce. Some of these recipes can either be baked or cooked on the grill. Just be sure to adjust your cooking time accordingly.


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