20 Sunday Dinner Ideas With Ground Beef

Your kids and your wallet will thank you for these.

Sunday dinner is one of the best times for families to come together and share a meal. Before another five hectic weekdays, you can relax, catch up on weekend stories, and enjoy a comforting meal. Ground beef is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly options for family dinner recipes, and ground beef recipes are famously kid-friendly (we're looking at you, burgers and tacos). If you’re having the in-laws or neighbors over for Sunday dinner and need fancier presentation, look no further than easy ground beef recipes like stuffed squash, mini meatloaves, or our extra-easy lasagna. If you’re feeding a crowd of kids, sheet pan nachos, cheeseburger pizza, and chili mac are all safe, no-fail options. Sunday dinner is a time to recharge and reset before another busy week, so you shouldn’t be worked up over preparing and serving it. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to get Sunday dinner on the table, these ground beef recipes are affordable and easy to make.


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