8 Pumpkin Cupcake Recipes to Celebrate Fall

Move over, pumpkin pie. Fall just got a new favorite dessert.

We think one of the best ways to enjoy pumpkin, one of fall’s most classic foods, is indulging in a sweet dessert. While pumpkin pie is usually the popular choice for a seasonal pumpkin dessert, these pumpkin cupcake recipes are the perfect treat for any fall occasion. If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe, you can choose on that starts with a box of cake mix to save some time. Easily dress up basic pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese or marshmallow frosting. For the chocolate lover, you can add chocolate chips to a pumpkin batter, or add pumpkin puree to a chocolate batter. Even though pumpkin is traditionally enjoyed during the fall season, we wouldn’t’ blame you for enjoying these delicious treats all year long. So, pull out you favorite cake plate and load it up with tasty cupcakes for you and your family to enjoy. We guarantee they're going to love everyone of these recipes.


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