4 Creative Ways to Crimp a Pie Crust

A pretty edge makes even the most basic pie look professional.

Most notable pieces of art are proudly hung with ornate frames that draw attention to the beauty inside their carefully crafted borders. Similarly, a pie is a dessert worth celebrating, and it deserves a “frame” that elevates the look of the whole—that’s why it’s essential to know how to crimp a pie crust. Even though a simple crimp is nice, we are featuring 4 creative ways to crimp a pie crust because an elegant and interesting crimp only takes a few extra minutes. Crimping in one of these styles is a baking technique that delivers a lot for the little work you have to do. With one of these fresh styles, you can put your pie on the table and let it steal the show.

There are a few things to always remember when making a pie crust. You must keep the dough very cold before you crimp the edges so the pattern holds its shape. After you finish the design, be sure to refrigerate the pie crust again for at least 30 minutes before baking, so that the crimp doesn’t fall as the pie bakes. If you have time, feel free to freeze it or refrigerate it overnight to further ensure that the crust does not morph while it bakes.


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