Chocolate Pie Recipes That We’re Drooling Over

Well, these recipes are just about as Southern as…chocolate pie.

If you love chocolate, these pie recipes are a no-brainer. Whether you opt for store-bought piecrust or a homemade version is completely up to you but, let’s be honest, it’s all about the filling anyway. If you’re a purist, check out our Hot Fudge Pie. It starts with a jar of our Hot Fudge Pie Filling that makes a great gift. For a little salty crunch, try our Salted-Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie. Mississippi Mud S’Mores Pie is just about as decadent as you would imagine. We used two sizes of marshmallows, fudge, caramel, nuts, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Serve these pies with a glass of ice-cold milk and you’ll have a dessert that your friends and family rave about (and request) for years to come. When summer has arrived and the thermostat reaches new heights, you’ll find our Chocolate Icebox Pie is just the refreshing ticket you’re looking for. And, if you’re serving a crowd and don’t want to mess with slicing dozens of pieces of pie, add our Mini Chocolate Chess Tarts to your menu—you won’t be sorry you did.


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