Football Dessert Ideas for Game Day

Send your game-day party into extra innings with these sweet treats.

Whether your crowd is celebrating a victory or consoling each other over a loss, these football desserts will put the finishing touch on a winning tailgate menu. Easy to bake, store, and transport, our top-rated game-day desserts are also fuss-free; it’s ok to load up a napkin with a slice of cake and a couple of cookies and head back to the sidelines. There is an art to a successful tailgate event, and this tailgate party planner will help you with all the details. Rowdy games are sure to create thirsty guests, so keep them hydrated with one of these tailgate cocktails. Whether you are watching the game in the comfort of your home, or tailgating with a crowd on campus, good food is an integral part of the game-day experience, and we've got all the tailgate food ideas you need for desserts right here. A pick from this lineup of fan-favorite football desserts will guarantee your party finishes with a win.


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