10 Cakes to Serve at Your Grandmother's Next Birthday Party

When it comes to baking, Grandma takes the cake. Follow in her footsteps with a homemade cake recipe that’s sure to be a birthday treat.

Nothing says quality time like a box-full of handwritten recipes, a counter full of flour, and your grandma by your side. Though many a Southern grandmother is gifted in the kitchen, we all have our own favorite recipes and memories of sun-filled Sundays learning to bake with grandma.

Those hours spent in the kitchen were not just a labor of love by those most patient of ladies (teaching little ones in the kitchen is messy feat!). Grandma was preparing you for this very day. The day you could prove she’s successfully passed down the baking gene by serving the perfect, homemade cake to her birthday bash.

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Whether you’ve collected your own box of handwritten favorites by now or not, we’ve got you covered. Shower your grandmother with love this birthday with one of our favorite, homemade cake recipes.


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