7 Candy Cakes That'll Put Your Leftover Halloween Candy to Good Use

These candy-inspired cakes are the perfect project for Halloween candy.

As much as we love to throw Halloween parties and hoard the candy, there comes a point when we simply can’t look at one more chocolate candy bar. But what do we do with the Halloween excess? This lineup of candy bar cakes will give you lots of ideas for using your favorite Halloween candies. Even the sweetest sweet tooth will meet its match when tasting these candy bar dessert treats. Once you choose your dessert, check out these great ideas for more Halloween party foods. These beautiful Halloween cakes are simple to make when you keep a few tips in mind: Save elbow grease by using a sharp, sturdy knife to chop candy bars with nuts or caramel; hard candies will crush easily if pulsed several times in a food processor; and make sure your cake layers are completely cooled before frosting.

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