Our Best-Ever Bundt Cake Recipes

We're still loving this Southern classic

Bundt cakes are an old-fashioned Southern cake, but we think they’ve never gone out of style. We think of them as a baker’s secret weapon: the pretty molded cakes look incredibly impressive but they are deceptively simple to make, even for the most novice baker. A ring-shaped ridged bundt pan can transform the most basic cake recipe into a work of art with hardly any fuss in the kitchen. Most bundt cakes only need a simple glaze or dusting of powdered sugar to shine. And you can make a bundt cake to please just about any type of sweet tooth. The Southern Living Test Kitchen has developed so many bundt cake recipes over the years, including Triple-Chocolate Buttermilk, hummingbird, Red Velvet Marble, Apple-Cream Cheese, and Strawberry Swirl. This collection of recipes includes some of our most popular bundt cakes to get you started. So grab your prettiest bundt pan and get baking!


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