9x13 Cake Recipes So Good You Might Never Make a Layer Cake Again

Bonus: Never suffer from a frosting fiasco again.

When it comes to Southern gatherings and celebrations, it’s safe to say that bigger is often better. From your batches of biscuits to pitchers of sweet tea, more is actually just right. As much as we love our layered cakes and pies, we get a little edgy when watching the slices disappear quicker than we feel comfortable with. That’s why we’ve come to love our 9x13 cake pan even more than our round ones. The totally underrated, no-fuss 9x13 cake deserves a little more credit, especially considering all of the delicious variations that go well beyond the basics. We’re talking old-school classics like chocolate-mayonnaise and cola cakes, as well as fancy new friends like coconut-carrot and chunky apple cakes. These top-rated 9x13 cake recipes make the most of the one-layered dessert that easily feeds a crowd and wins at the cake-to-frosting ratio every time. Plus, they’re tasty and pretty enough to pull out for every occasion. Here are our favorite 9x13 cake recipes of all time.


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