The Best Books for Grandparents to Read to Their Grandkids

Stories for all the out-loud readers out there

There are few things nicer than story time with the grandkids, which is why we’ve gathered a list of children’s books perfect for reading out loud with the little ones. There are some tried-and-true classics in this list: They’re stories about Paddington bear, Mary Lennox, Meg Murry, and Charlie Bucket. They take place in fantastic landscapes, locales as far-flung as the Alaskan tundra and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Some of these stories can be read in a night, others can be read over the course of a weekend.

Grandparents, keep these books on hand for those moments when nothing else but a good story will do. Read them to inspire the youngsters in your life to become lifelong readers, to lose themselves in stories, to step into other people’s shoes, to use their imaginations, and to exercise empathy. Reading is a gateway into other worlds, expanded perspectives, and adventures big and small—so get to reading and making memories with your family today.


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