What Does It Really Mean To Have Southern Taste?

When you know, you know. From birth, Southerners are packed chock-full with the customs of our deeply rooted heritage. Our culture is as steeped in tradition as the sweet tea we drink, and Southerners are born into a legacy that makes us feel strongly bound to what came before us. Nonetheless, some feel it more strongly than others. For example, can you be Southern by birth, but not in taste? Of course. There are certain tells of true Southern taste, and these cover every pillar, from style preferences to behavioral expectations. In fact, we’d be inclined to say that how we conduct ourselves speaks more loudly concerning taste than which china patterns we pick. These champions of Southern taste showcase some of our favorite things: timeless antiques, smocked dresses, and wedding traditions; as well as some things graceful Southerners just know: table manners, seersucker season, and grocery store etiquette. For those wondering just how Southern in taste they are, find the ultimate checklist below and see which customs fit you like a glove. Convinced you have better Southern inclinations than your sister or best friend? We’d say this is a fine challenge.


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