8 Things We're Buying from Cracker Barrel's Online Shop

Wish we could get the mac-n-cheese delivered too…

Did you know you can shop Cracker Barrel online? That’s right, the shopping once reserved for much-needed pitstops at this iconic roadside restaurant on long family roadtrips is now totally perusable from your sofa—dangerous. And lest you think it’s all peg board games and blood-sugar spiking vintage candies, it’s actually everything from floral quilts to modern transportable bbq grills.

It’s all conveniently organized so that you can not only shop the usual categories, like “Home and Furniture” or “Clothing and Accessories,” but also by collection, which includes everything from farmhouse to coastal to “summer fun” and “winter lodge.”

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We looked through it all, and they have some can’t-miss deals. Perfect for when you need a two-click gift or that rare find—without getting on the interstate. (Though the pancakes are worth it.)

Here, a few things we’re definitely adding to our basket on


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