Books to Read When You Retire (Or Right Now)

Start planning that retirement reading list now.

Think you’ll be bored once you retire? Never fear. When you have free time on your hands, pick up one of these novels. These fantastic books will keep you on the edge of your seat—engaged, thrilled, moved, and turning the pages to find out just how each captivating plot unfolds. Love to read? Just think of it: long leisurely days spent immersed in a good book (cup of tea included). Long nights kept awake by a gripping page-turner that you just can’t stop reading (no bookmark needed). There’s a pick here for every literary taste. We have subject matter as far reaching as rock-star memoirs and Booker Prize-winning novels. Of course there’s plenty of engrossing fiction too. We know that your retirement reading list is already full of books that you plan to read ‘once you have time,’ but might we suggest a few more? We promise not all of our picks are hefty tomes that will take months to finish (though admittedly there are a few of those). These are great books with compelling stories to read once you retire—but why wait until then? Get a head start by planning your reading list now. Start a few of these best books for retirees this month to be utterly transported and to get excited about the reading hours of retirement, imminent or not.


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