Holiday Recipes You Can Freeze Ahead—So That They’ll Save You Later

Put down the phone. Don't order the pizza. You're covered!

The holidays are packed to the brim with enough errands, chores, and hosting to just about do us in every time, but the good times had with our loved ones make it more than worth it. Around the holiday season, our biggest fear is being caught ill-prepared in any way, especially when it comes to feeding our hungry crowd. Having a few staple Southern holiday dishes in the freezer could be the difference between admitting holiday defeat and raking in the compliments. To be totally safe, you’ll need hearty casseroles that feed the family in a pinch, classic side dishes that belong on the Christmas dinner table, breakfast bakes that satisfy every guest, and desserts that you can make months ahead. (Oh, and handy appetizers for any last-minute hosting crisis.) For casseroles, stock up on disposable foil casserole dishes in lieu of tying up your baking dishes for months. For soups, freeze flat in gallon Ziploc bags to maximize storage space. For cookies or bite-sized appetizers, freeze first on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then transfer to Ziploc bags. Always remember to pad your prep time by a day for thawing. There’s no reason to panic when you’ve covered every last base, months before the crazy holiday season starts. Here are the best make-ahead, freeze-ahead holiday recipes you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for later.


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