Our Favorite Pumpkin Muffin Recipes for Fall

Wake up to the sweet smell of fresh pumpkin muffins.

As much as we love using pumpkins to decorate our porches and homes in the fall, we also love to use them in our baking. Along with farm-fresh apples, sweet potatoes, and pecans, pumpkins find their way into our favorite fall treats: pies, breads, and cakes. When baking with pumpkin, be sure and read the recipe thoroughly so you know whether you need a can of pumpkin or a can of pumpkin pie filling. A simple can of pumpkin is just that – pumpkin and nothing more. When baking with this product, you will add sweetener, usually sugar or honey, and spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Pumpkin pie filling, however, is pumpkin with added spices and sugar. Your recipe may direct you to add even more sweetener and spices, but not as much as when baking with just plain pumpkin. This is a great product to use if you are in a hurry, or perhaps you are a novice baker and want to make something easy. So check your recipe before you head to the grocery store so you will purchase the correct product. And what about pumpkin pie spice? This convenient product found in your spice aisle is a lovely blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice, those same spices you usually put in a pumpkin recipe. So whether you use pumpkin, pumpkin pie filling, or pumpkin pie spice, grab your apron and mixing bowl and get ready for some fabulous fall baking. Pumpkin muffins are always a welcome treat for school lunches, a weekend brunch, or an evening coffee break. Easy to make and easy to package, give a batch as gifts to teachers, neighbors or new parents. You can also freeze muffins individually in freezer safe bags; grab one and pop it in the microwave for a quick on-the-go breakfast or snack.


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