10 Delicious Reasons to Use Your Cast Iron Skillet on the Grill

Cast iron meets the grill to create some fabulous meals.There is no need to spend time cooking in the kitchen while everyone else is outside enjoying the nice weather. Two of the South’s favorite cooking appliances, cast iron cookware and the grill, team up to help you prepare pleasing and nourishing meals outdoors for your family - just keep an eye on the grill but you can still participate in a game of volleyball. If you think a cast iron skillet is just for cornbread, or your grill is only used for barbecue, you are in for a nice surprise when you look over this lineup of main dishes, sides, sandwiches, and even dessert. If you want more summer meal options, pick a refreshing main dish salad, loaded with fresh produce from the farmers’ market. And always finish off your meal with a cool and revitalizing ice-box pie.


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