The Best After-School Snacks for Before Practice

Kids are always looking for an after-school snack, especially before they head off to practice.

After a long day of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, kids have an even longer line-up of rehearsals, practice, and homework before hitting the hay. Whether elementary-, middle school-, or high school-aged, kids require a tasty after-school snack. That is especially true when they’re headed off to soccer practice, swim team, football conditioning, or dance rehearsal. Practice calls on mental and physical reserves, getting kids moving, learning, and making friends in the process. Whether the activity is fencing, baseball, basketball, softball, marching band, cheerleading, or any of the hundreds of other after-school practices, your child needs to fuel up with a hearty after-school snack beforehand. Keep them full and focused with the help of some of the best after-school, before-practice snacks. We’ve scoured the grocery store aisles and recipe boxes to find great power snacks for before a workout or practice that will keep your kids energized.


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