2017 Southern Living Food Awards: Our Test Kitchen Favorites

These are the trusted products you can find in our Test Kitchen.

“What brands does your test kitchen use?" We get that question almost as often as "What's it like to have a job tasting layer cakes?" While working in "the South's most trusted kitchen" feels like being in a culinary wonderland, it doesn't mean we don't take our recipe development seriously. Of course, we do enjoy debating the differences between buttercream frostings (who wouldn't?), but we're also passionate about evaluating the ingredients we use every day and looking for the latest and greatest products, from hot sauce to hummus. That's why, for our annual Food Awards, we asked our Test Kitchen professionals and food editors to reveal the brands they choose not only at work but also at home when cooking for family and friends.

Southern Cooking Staples

Our Test Kitchen has long-term relationships with these ingredients, built on 51 years of testing, tasting, retesting, and more tasting. From time to time, we're tempted by trends, but we'll always stay true to these 15 products.

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