Never Store These Items In Your Attic, Garage, or Basement

Especially if you actually care about them.

If you’re lucky enough to have a roomy attic, garage, or basement, they can offer tons of storage space. But because of weather, critters, and location, these areas of your home aren’t ideal storage for everything. Even if you’re the most organized and cautious homeowner, you should never store these items in your attic, garage, or basement if you want them to stay in quality shape. The main reason you shouldn’t be storing items in these spots is the potential for water damage. Not only are attics, garages, and basements easy targets for flooding and accidents like fallen trees during storms, but climate plays a big role in this aspect as well. If you live in the South, you understand the true meaning of the word “humidity.” Most areas of the South experience muggy conditions the majority of the year, which can cause water damage. But it’s not just water damage that can occur, though. Heat can also cause significant damage and even ruin some items. It also goes without saying that animals can get into your attic, garage, or basement. Whether a birds or moths in the attic, a raccoon in the garage, or mice in the basement, critters aren’t concerned with taking care of your belongings.

As a general rule of thumb, nothing in your attic, garage, or basement should be left out in the open. Anything that’s safe to store in these rooms should still be put away in a plastic container with a lid to keep environmental elements out. Cardboard boxes will deteriorate due to heat and water, and animals and bugs will snack on them in the meantime. A few more universal storage rules: Don’t stow away anything that’s very important to you. Put anything you store on shelves a few feet off the ground in case of flooding in the basement or garage. Garages are prone to break-ins, so you don’t want any valuables in there anyway, and because of environmental factors that can deteriorate special items, you don’t want cherished belongings going in the basement or attic either. Here are some items you should never ever store in the attic, garage, or basement.


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